Toxic Buildup Leads To Weight Gain, Belly Fat, & Other Health Problems-Try This Simple Detox Drink!!!

We often suffer from many health issues like depression, food allergies, insomnia, excess weight, headaches, acne, joint pain, fatigue and still remain unaware of the reason behind such health problems.

The main reason behind the repetitive illness in the increase of toxic accumulation in your body. The weight gain or fat belly is directly linked to the accumulation of toxins in your liver. The important functions of the liver include one- to detoxify the blood and second- to metabolize the fat.

When the liver gets overloaded with fat and keep working on the metabolization, you keep gaining weight and start falling ill repeatedly.

In the stressed condition, many times the toxins stored in fat cells get released which can lead to cellular damage. It also creates more toxin which your liver again has to deal with and undergo the metabolism.

You will be shocked to know that toxin can be stored in any tissues like brain tissues, nervous tissue, muscle tissue and sometimes in cellular membranes.

As stated by Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton the root cause of the issues related to weight gain is related to the overloaded original weight control system of our body. The toxin gets accumulated in every part of our body like skin, tissues, cells that it becomes difficult to do the metabolism process

It is stated in the book  The Detox Diet –Eliminate Chemical Calories and Enhance Your Natural Slimming System, by  Dr. Baillie-Hamilton that there is a direct linkage between the toxin in our body and synthetic chemicals we consume in our food.

So, if the toxin clogs up the liver it becomes impossible to burn the body fat and thus, you continue to gain weight. Thus, detoxification of your liver to remove the harmful chemicals from your body is very important.

There is a different natural process you can follow to get rid of the accumulated toxins in your body. Here is a simple recipe for a detox drink for you to carry on the detoxification process at home.

Detox Drink Recipe


  • Water- 12 oz.
  • Honey- 1 tbsp
  • Lemon Juice- 2 tbsp
  • Turmeric- 1/3 tsp

Preparation Method

  1. Take 12 oz of water and add 1 tbsp of honey to it.
  2. Take 2 tbsp of fresh lemon juice and add it to the solution.
  3. Now, add 1/3 tsp of turmeric and stir it well.
  4. Enjoy the drink every day to clear the toxins from your body.

Have this drink twice a day for 2-3 weeks to remove the toxins from your body and allow your liver to function in an excellent way. The natural remedy stated here are well proved to provide relief from accumulated toxins and has no side effects as well. So, give it a try once to remain healthy.




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