This Oil Is Great For Thickening & Regrowing Hair, Eyelashes & Eyebrows!!!

Eyebrows and eyelashes always add to a beauty of women. Many of us have to rely on the false lashes, thick mascara, and eyebrow pencil to get an amazing look.

However, some of the women also go for eyebrow extension, eyelash extension as well as eyebrow tattooing and eyebrow transplantation to get the stunning face image.

But it is not at all mandatory to go for an expensive and time-consuming solution when you can get thick and beautiful eyebrows at home using simple remedies. Yes, if you want to prevent the thinning of your eyebrows then castor oil remedy is the best solution for you.

What Is Castor Oil?

  • We get castor oil from the seeds of castor plants. It is vegetable oil which is squeezed out of the seeds. The castor oil is a rich source of ricinoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids. It penetrates into the follicles of the hair and helps to thicken eyebrows. It is commonly used to prevent hair fall.

How Does It Work?

  • The ricinoleic acid which is present in the castor oil has anti-inflammatory properties which soothe the irritated skin. This property of castor oil is proved in around 2000 research study.
  • The amount of ricinoleic acid in castor oil is high as compared to other oils as 90% of castor oil is made up of ricinoleic acid.
  • It is also useful to treat the skin issues such as bacterial skin infection, acne, fungal infection as well as dermatitis. It is useful to boost the healing process and thus used to treat keloid scars.
  • Castor oil also consists of proteins, vitamin E, omega-9 and omega-6 which speed the hair growth by 3-5x the normal rate when you apply it twice a week

How To Use?

  • Buy only cold pressed, organic and hexane free castor oil which is available in online stores, health food stores or specialty beauty supply shops.
  • Apply to use a little of castor oil on your brow and eyelashes at night.
  • Do wash your face before the application as castor oil act as a moisturizer and cleanser as well.
  • Use this remedy for 1 month without any gap and the hair growth will be visible. In 3 months time, you will get lush eyebrows and eyelashes.



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