New Weight Watchers Freestyle Program for 2018

Well, the information about the new Weight Watchers Freestyle Program for 2018 is finally here. We have heard the rumors and hints for a while now….and now the info is flowing!! I am actually excited about some of the changes and am anxious to hear what you think!!  I will be updating all of my weight Watchers recipes ASAP!

New Weight Watchers Freestyle Program 2018

Let’s talk about the big changes that have been released.  I will go over what I know!!

New Zero Point Foods

There are lots of new ZERO point foods and that has a lot of people excited. I know there is already some push back and some people are worried about gaining by eating more zero point foods. I guess I will withhold my judgment until I have been on the new plan for a while and see how it goes.

Basically, there are now over 200 zero point foods instead of just most fruits and veggies. The big additions to the list are skinless chicken breast, skinless turkey breast, fish, shellfish, eggs (with the yolk!!), tofu, beans, lentils, corn, peas and nonfat unsweetened yogurt.

Weight Watchers Freestyle Program

Rollover Points

We are now allowed to rollover up to 4 SmartPoints each day to use some other time during the same week. These go into your bank of weekly SmartPoints.

This helps give you more flexibility in meal planning and special events.

Changes to Daily SmartPoints

You will probably see a change in your daily SmartPoints allowance. It may decrease because of the new zero point foods. It shouldn’t be a big problem if you are eating healthy options from the zero point foods list to supplement meals and snacks.

information about the new Weight Watchers freestyle program

Focus on Good Health and Habits

The new Weight Watchers Freestyle Program seems to continue a focus on good general health and building good habits that will last a lifetime. I love how the program has embraced total health and not just weight loss.

My Thoughts on the New Changes to Weight Watchers

Honestly, I am excited about these new changes. There will be less measuring and count with the new zero point foods and that saves me time.

It will be easier for me to feel full on Weight Watchers by eating these healthy zero point options. This may help me avoid overeating too!

I will be working to get all of my recipes updated with the new Freestyle SmartPoints values as soon as I can!

Using ground chicken and ground turkey will be a great move to save points!!  🙂 I usually can’t tell the difference in casseroles and soups.  I am probably most excited about the EGGS being free!  Let’s just say I have been on a big egg kick lately!

What Do You Think of the Freestyle Program?

So…what are your thoughts?  Are you excited or upset?  Change is HARD, isn’t it!! Let me know!! Be sure to grab a free printable of all the new zero point foods!!


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