Diet & Grapefruit Juice – You Will Lose 20 Pounds For 2 Months

You should drink 8 glasses of fresh grapefruit juice daily (total 2 l). Grapefruit juice is necessary because it acts as a catalyst that speeds up the process of burning calories and breakdown of the fat depot. But you should not drink more than 8 glasses within a single day


Coffee is excluded from your menu because it reflects the balance of insulin that bothered the process of burning calories.

Forbidden foods

White flour and its products

Sugar, desserts, snacks, cakes, chocolates, absolutely everything which contain sugar,

Fried foods,

The salt should be in limited quantities.

You can compose the menu by yourself.

In the morning for breakfast you can choose from the following foods, which you should change every day:

2 boiled eggs with a slice of toasted black bread

A piece of toasted black bread with a slice of low-fat cheese (50 g)

Cereals and it is best to select oat kernels with yogurt

The piece of black bread with butter or margarine

100 grams of cottage cheese with a slice of bread,

Shake with milk and banana,

Fruit salad of apple, orange, and kiwi,

The glass of milk with one teaspoon of honey

Before the breakfast, you should drink the first cup of grapefruit juice on empty stomach.
The lunch consists of meat and salad. The meat should not be fried. Chicken, turkey, and fish are allowed but should be cooked or baked. No more than 200 grams.  Besides the meat on your menu, you should add the fresh salad. The best choice is a mixed salad in order to consume more vegetables. Season the salad with soy sauce instead of salt and a teaspoon of olive oil, linseed oil or grapeseed oil.

Before each meal drinks a glass of grapefruit juice. The remaining 5 cups are distributed throughout the day when you feel thirst or hunger. Apart from the juice, you should consume water or green tea. All other juices and alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

For dinner choose vegetables which should not be the same every day. If you feel hunger in the portion of vegetables you can add half a baked potato. Before going to bed drink a glass of grapefruit juice.

And don’t forget to walk for 30 minutes every day.



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