Castor Oil + Baking Soda: Powerful Combo That Can Treat More Than 20 Health Problems

A lot of mothers and grandmothers have used castor oil at one point or another to help their children or grandchildren boost their immune system and help them recover from different ailments. In fact, the oil has been used for a long time due to its medicinal properties.

In India, people have used it for its antibacterial, digestive-soothing, and skin-healing properties. Furthermore, ancient Egyptians used it to treat their skin and eye irritations.

Other popular uses of castor oil are for hair health, to relieve constipation, and increase the count of antibodies in the body, which will kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

What mainly makes this oil so beneficial is the ricinoleic acid inside it. This acid offers many  healing properties, like:

  • Boosting circulation
  • Supporting the lymphatic system
  • Fighting skin infections and disorders
  • Preventing bacteria, molds, yeasts, and viruses
  • Healing acne
  • Boosting hair growth
  • Reducing skin itching and swelling
  • Relieving constipation
  • Helping to kill keratosis, ringworm, abrasions, skin inflammation, and fungal infection
  • Hydrating chapped lips

It is true that castor oil is beneficial by itself, however, if you combine it with baking soda, it will only increase its healing powers. In fact, if you combine these too you can make a coating that will improve the circulation and treat many conditions.

Castor Oil Coating

Clean the skin area with some baking soda solution. Afterward, heat some cold-pressed castor oil and soak some clean gauze in it. Put it on the affected area and use plastic foil to cover it.

Finally, put a bottle of warm water on top of it, and wrap with a towel. Let it stay like this for 60 minutes. Do this procedure for 40 days.

Conditions to Treat With Castor Oil

Sprained Ankle

Just wrap the area with castor oil coating before bed and let it stay over the night.

Minor Cuts, Bruises, Wounds

Castor oil will definitely influence the recovery process and make it faster.

Stretch Marks

All you have to do is massage your stomach and thighs with this oil while you are pregnant, in order to prevent stretch marks from appearing.

Chronic Vocal Hoarseness and Vocal Cord Nodules

Put some oil on the neck every day to treat these types of conditions.

Dark Spots

Use a combination of baking soda and castor oil to get rid of dark spots on the face.


Just pour a drop of pure, organic, cold-pressed, chemical-free and hexane-free castor oil in the eye before bed.


Consume 5 drops of castor oil in the morning to treat allergies.

Eye Allergies

Put some oil on the eyelid and rub gently before bed.

Nicotine and Alcohol Addiction

Consume a couple of drops of the oil daily.

Hair Growth

If you apply a couple of drops of the oil on the scalp and massage before you shampoo, it will help with hair growth. You need to do this for 20 minutes.

Hearing Loss

Just pour a couple of drops of pure, organic, cold-pressed, chemical-free castor oil in the affected ear and it will improve your hearing.


Take seven drops of the oil a day for 4 months and the terrible ringing in the ears will be gone.

Back Pain

Apply castor oil coating on the lower back every day for a week and the pain will be gone.

Chronic Diarrhea

You can also use the oil coating to treat diarrhea.


If you rub your warts with castor oil every day for a month, you will eliminate them completely.

Calcium Deposits

Apply castor oil on the soles and massage them to remove calcium deposits. Do this daily.


Use the oil to treat hepatitis as well.


Apply some oil to your mole every day for a month and you will get rid of it naturally.

Stomach Hyperactivity

Use some castor oil coating to treat this problem as well.


If you put a coating of the oil in the stomach every day for 2 weeks, it will reduce and eventually stop your snoring.

Bee Stings

Apply some oil on the affected area and you will prevent swelling and you will successfully treat bee stings.

Pilonidal Cyst

Apply some castor oil on the affected area and you will be able to naturally treat this cyst.

That is all! Enjoy the benefits castor oil offers!



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