Busting Famous Health Myths & One Scientific Explanation At A Time

There are commonly held views in the society regarding factors which may be harmful or harmless for our health. These views often stem from pure observation without delving deeper into the matter with the help of science. Hence these views lack any scientific weight and mostly turn out to be inaccurate. Following are a few such health myths which we need to address and clear the confusion over them once and for all.

1. Canned food products lose their nutritional value

  • There is a popular perception that canned food products are unable to preserve the natural goodness and nutrition of the food but on the contrary canned foods actually preserve their nutrition for longer.

2. Women are prone to making more mistakes while being pregnant

  • Another popular misplaced belief because according to science a pregnant woman has her cognitive abilities working at a much higher rate than usual.
  • Her brain function is more efficient during pregnancy.
  • What is interesting is to find the origin of this common misconception and who spread it?

3. Organic food is more nutritious and free of insecticide

  • As everyone jumps the health trends more readily than ever before, there is a growing demand in organic food products owing to a popular opinion of such food items having higher nutritional value and completely pure from any insecticide.
  • This belief is just wishful thinking because farmers do resort to organic insecticide which is actually more harmful than its synthetic counterpart.

4. Yogurt is good for your digestive system

  • It is true that yogurt is rich in gut-friendly bacteria which encourage healthy digestion but these properties are blown out of proportion.
  • Even if yogurt is not part of your diet your body still has millions of gut-friendly bacteria.
  • In fact, if you are into frozen yogurt with added flavors you might just be consuming a lot of sugar which is not good for health in the long run.

5. Coffee lowers the bone density in children

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  • There is no scientific evidence backing up this claim, so it could be safely assumed as a myth and nothing more.
  • Maybe it was spread as a rumor on a large scale to keep the children at bay from coffee since boundless energy and caffeine could only mean a very explosive mix which might be too much for parents to handle.

6. Men are thinking about sex every 10 seconds

  • Another interesting myth which is an exaggerated way more than the actual ground realities.
  • It is a fact that men do think about sex more than women but to assume this thought process hijack their brain every 10 seconds is a little too much to digest.
  • It means every other man is an out of control nymphomaniac who is never able to get anything done since he is always scheming about sex.

7. The more weight you have the lesser is your rate of metabolism

  • Another misconception as people associates a heavier person with lower metabolic rate since they are inactive and slower.
  • The scientific reality, on the contrary, states that having a bigger size is not at all responsible for the lower metabolic rate, in fact, they have a higher metabolic rate as compared to those who are lighter on the weighing scale.


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